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Pedals with the Pros: Des Rocs

Pedals with the Pros: Des Rocs

This week on Pedals with the Pros, we got the chance to catch up with new-classic rocker Des Rocs. The singer-songwriter talks with us about FX, songwriting, and the creative process. 

Newfangled Mixing: Working In The Box with Lars Deutsch

This week, we had the chance to catch up with Lars Deutsch, film composer, producer, and mixing engineer. He has produced artists such as Amiena and Paloma Rush and composed over three hundred film scores, as well as scoring commercials for Adidas and Volkswagen. Lars took a break from his busy schedule to talk with us about how he uses Newfangled Audio’s plugins in his mixes. 

Pedals with the Pros: Warbly Jets

On this week’s Pedals with the Pros, Warbly Jets walks us through the songwriting process behind their most recent single, “Nasa”, in a special video feature. Watch how the H9 plays a pivotal role in crafting synth hooks and generating ideas on the fly. 

Pedals with the Pros: Rachel Brandsness

This week on Pedals with the Pros, we had the chance to interview Eventide Artist Rachel Brandsness, formerly lead guitarist of Nashville band Fools for Rowan. Now, she is one half of Flarelight with Tyler Warren. She has been plenty busy between now and then - tune in with us as we catch up!

Blog Takeover: Brev Sullivan

In this blog takeover, Brev Sullivan, guitarist of the Arsenal band in 2012 film Rock of Ages and former touring guitarist for jazz legend Ira Sullivan, takes us on a trip exploring guitar rigs of the past and how Eventide helped modernize his rig today. 


Ice-Cold Reverb: Scoring Films with Trey Toy & Matthew Wang

This week, we caught up with composers Trey Toy and Matthew Wang. They composed the music for the film Centigrade. We discussed using Eventide reverbs to provide the ambience for tense, close settings.