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On the Road with Derya Nagle from Good Tiger

We recently caught up with Derya “Dez” Nagle of the band Good Tiger. In this video, he gives us a rundown of his compact but powerful guitar setup, featuring an H9 Max and Space going through a Mastermind pedalboard controller. Check out the presets at the bottom of this post for a closer look into his sound!

Derya Nagle's Pedalboard featuring Eventide H9 and Space pedals

Derya's compact pedalboard

Derya Nagle's H9 Presets

Download presets

Screenshot of Shimmer algorithm preset Blueshift by Derya Nagle

Blueshift Shimmer preset


Screenshot of Hall algorithm preset Devil Intro by Derya Nagle

Devil Intro Hall preset


Screenshot of Shimmer algorithm preset Salt Outro by Derya Nagle

Salt Outro Shimmer preset

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Author:  Gestalt7
Date:  February 07, 2019
Category:  Artists
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Tags:  good tiger, h9, Space