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Anderson-Ponty Band On Tour

The Anderson-Ponty band will begin a tour supporting their 2016 CD/DVD release "Better Late Than Never" on April 28th in Tuscon Arizona. The two music legends—and early Eventide adopters—Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty, along with their supporting band, will be performing new music along with classics with new arrangements.

Jon Anderson: Copyright Deborah Anderson

Jon Anderson is a singer and songwriter best known for co-founding and singing for the progressive rock band Yes as well as his solo career and collaborations with numerous artists. Jon not only uses Eventide gear currently, he was also the first person to use a prototype of the legendary Eventide H910. He even wrote a song dedicated to his "Eventide Delay" called "Olympia." It's the soundtrack of our 40 Year Anniversary Retrospective video found on our History page.

Eventide H910

Jon Luc Ponty has worked with some of the most important musicians from the rock and jazz worlds, including another Eventide early adopter, the late Frank Zappa. As you can see below, he's recently discovered the Eventide H9.

Jean Luc Ponty with his Eventide H9

For more information about the album or the tour, please visit:

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Date:  April 27, 2016
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