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Featured Video: Artist Compilation Part 1

The Best of Eventide 

There are countless hit records where you can hear the signature Eventide sound. We've put together a small sample of some of our favorite artist interviews from the past few years.

  • Dweezil Zappa - H9
  • Peter Frampton 
  • Annie Clark of St. Vincent - H9, Space, PitchFactor
  • Sarah Lipstate of Noveller - H9
  • Hank and Cupcakes - MixingLink
  • Andee Blacksugar (guitarist for Peter Murphy) - H9, PitchFactor
  • Jeff Schroeder (guitarist for Smashing Pumpkins) - H9
  • Peter Gregson - H9
  • Hanan Rubinstein (guitarist for Alicia Keys) - H9
  • Twiggy Ramirez (bassist for Marilyn Manson) - H9
  • Zef Noise (bassist/violinist for Peter Murphy) - H9
  • Asher Zeitschik (guitarist for Atarah Valentine) - H9
  • Vernon Reid - H9, Eclipse
  • Doug Wimbish - H9
  • Dave Kilminster (guitarist for Roger Waters) - TimeFactor, H8000FW


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