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Josh Sklair, Etta James & the Eventide H3000SE

Josh Sklair & Etta James

As Etta James' Musical Director and Guitar Player for 25 years, I've won Grammys for co-producing two of her Blues albums. Working on Etta's album, "All the Way" in 2006, we had an unfinished version of "I Believe I Can Fly." Normally I left the "rack gear" at home when working with Etta—she was the Real Deal and we kept everything pretty raw—but this album was an exception because we were doing more contemporary material. 

Eventide & Stevie Wonder

Eventide & Stevie Wonder

Eventide caught up with Stevie Wonder during the Songs in the Key of Life Performance Tour. Wonder played for 3+ hours and brought up several special guests including Ed Sheeran, who helped tear the roof down off the Prudential Center during the song "Superstition."

If you look closely you'll see a wondrous object in Stevie's left hand—could it be an Eventide H9? If so, we can't wait to hear what new music it inspires for this music legend!

Insider #33 AES, Blogs, IMSTA and more...

Eventide's spent the fall in NYC. In this issue of Insider, we have some important annoucements for the upcoming AES show.  We're also proud to introduce our new Blogfactor, which encourages our customers to submit blog ideas and articles. Also included is a new MixingLink vocals video, highlights from IMSTA and the award-winning CrushStation algorithim available for the H9 Harmonizer guitar fx pedal.

CrushStation Wins Guitar Player Hall of Fame Award

Guitar Player today announced that the Eventide H9's CrushStation algorithm is the recipient of its 2015 Hall of Fame Maximum Gear award in the Technology category. 

Maximum Gear

The Maximum Gear awards shine a spotlight on the most awesome gizmos we played with this past year. The products could be Editors’ Pick Award winners in 2015 (actually, in this case, from the December 2014 issue through the November 2015 issue), and/or devices that also blew our minds with incredible design, superlative value, transcendent craftsmanship, or fun factor.

Featured Video: Artist Compilation Part 1

There are countless hit records where you can hear the signature Eventide sound. We've put together a small sample of some of our favorite artist interviews from the past few years.

Insider Newsletter #32

Eventide Insider #32: CrushStation arrives, New website, Pre/Post routing, and more!

Our new tweakable overdrive algorithm, CrushStation, is now available for the H9.

The latest H9 Control introduces a feature that many of you have been asking/hoping for - flexible routing.

H9 Giveaway presented by GoChords

The folks at GoChords are giving away an H9 stompbox! You can easily create simple song sheets with chord symbols, lyrics, and notation for various stringed instruments. It's optimized for tablets, so you can access GoChords with a wireless device. 

Summer NAMM 2015

Eventide had a booth at last week's Summer NAMM 2015 trade show in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a blast to reconnect with old friends and meet a bunch of new ones. We also had some very special news to share on our new distortion algorithm CrushStation and new features for the H9 that our customers had been requesting. Here are a couple of photos taken during the festivities.

Summer NAMM '15

Join us at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, July 9 through July 12.

Stop by the Eventide Booth #324 (Hall A), and get a sneak peek at CrushStation, exclsively available for the H9 Harmonizer. 

With CrushStation, your H9 turns into a distortion / overdrive command center with unprecedented control with results ranging from buttery saturation to crushing assault. 

Grab some Crab Chips while you're there - we promise, they're only potato chips and no crustaceans were harmed in the making!

H9 Gets Dirty

CrushStation turns the H9 into an overdrive command center with unprecedented control of the effect with results ranging from buttery saturation to crushing assault. Control features include the usual suspects: Drive, Sustain, multi-band EQ. Plus control over features like Sag, Octaves and Grit that take the overdrive effect beyond the norm.