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Triad centered voicing on the H9

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Triad centered voicing on the H9

May 20, 2020 - 09:18 am

The main thing I use a harmonizer for is the triad centered voicing that the Digitech Harmonyman does. I have come to conclusion that the H9 maxx cannot recreate this effect and thatvseems strange given all the other features.

The algorithm is as follows: it's a -6 and a 6+ interval in the diatonic setting, *BUT* when the root of the scale is played, the high harmony goes to 5+ (the fifth) and when the 5th of the scale is played, the low harmony goes to -5 (the root.)

This is a really cool effect that the Digitech has, and seems like low hanging fruit as an addition feature for the H9. Is there anyway i can re-create it with the Pitchfactor using the latest software? Are there plans to add this, or better yet, plans to add direct note to note mapping?

I would love to be able to retire the Harmony man and save 4 pounds and 1.5 amps of AC power.

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John Baylies (My Eventide Gear)
May 23, 2020 - 03:35 pm

I own the PitchFactor, not the H9, but I think they work similarly, in that the closest you could get to the effect you're describing is to use an expression pedal or button to change the interval manually when you're playing a root or a 5th.