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Multitap to the next level...

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Multitap to the next level...

erikd (My Eventide Gear)
May 27, 2008 - 03:50 am
I love my TF already, but I can't help but long for a feature a certain other delay unit did, that I've got to imagine the TF could also do... Specifically I'm referring to the multitap delay. The feature I'm going to describe is dependent on a tempo sync situation. This other delay effect allowed the user to tap in a rhythmic delay pattern for the duration of 1 or a few bars, that would then repeat according to MIDI clock. The ability to create a custom delay tap pattern can truely open up a world of creative possibilities(!)... Granted the pattern was not saved, but as a live performance/groove tool it is quite valuable and/or musical. I dunno whether I explained the function clearly enough(?) Would the time factor be capable of such a multitap feature, or is such a feature exclusively in the domain of 19" gear? If I need to clarify the ability I'm after please let me know-
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May 27, 2008 - 04:36 am

HI Erik

the Multitap you ask for is not possible in TF. There is just too much FX variety in there to allow heavy delay time resources usage like a TT multitap would require.

The Multitap FX we used is a classic, from the H3000 on. It allows fx not possible wit any other unit as randomization of delays, levels, pans create very special ambience or even tails. Heard on many records.