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Blackhole, bouncing offline in LogicX

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Blackhole, bouncing offline in LogicX

September 13, 2016 - 10:31 am

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Hi There,

I’m extremely happy with the Blackhole plugin.

There is only one problem and I search for a workaround, or maybe there is something I miss.


When you make an offline bounce in LogicX, the plugin doesn’t reset correctly when starting the bounce. This means that if there is a reverbtail which is already sounding before you press bounce, it will end up at the beginning of the bounce. For me this is unwanted behaviour.

Especially when you use very long reverbtimes (where the Blackhole realy excels) you have to wait for the reverb tail to die out before you can make a bounce. For me this makes the plugin unusable for bouncing off line. The only workarround is to quit and reopen the project or reset the audiodriver before bouncing. Both take too long when handling large sample libraries.

But maybe I miss a function or workarround and it is possible?

Thanks on forehand,

Best regards,



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September 16, 2016 - 11:35 am

Hi Jerome-

We've been able to reproduce this issue here, and it's a known issue. It's definitely not ideal to need to wait for the reverb to clear out, and we will look into a fix. In the meantime, as an (annoying, I know) workaround, before bouncing you could turn the Size knob to 0 briefly, and then back to the previous setting.