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Blackhole freeze won't apply in logic mixdown

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Blackhole freeze won't apply in logic mixdown

September 20, 2018 - 02:24 pm


I am having an issue with Blackhole in Logic Pro X (version 10.4.1, OSX 10.13.4, 8GB, late 2012 iMac) [Blackhole is brand new - downloaded a few days ago]

Everything is working perfectly during playback, however when I mixdown / bounce the freeze I applied (using automation) with the blackhole does not get applied. (this occurs during realitime or offline bounces).

I did see a related thread from a couple of years ago in the forum with the Tverb but as this was Blackhole I thought it better to start a new thread.

Many thanks if anyone can figure out the issue here. (I realise that as a workaround I can bounce the individual track and reapply as an audio track but I'm wondering if there's a full fix (or if it's entirely user error!!!)



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September 21, 2018 - 01:12 pm

Hi nigelnisbet-

Sorry to hear about the issue. Just to confirm (since you mention the Tverb issue), the issue here is that the FREEZE setting of Blackhole is not applied during bounce? Not that Blackhole itself freezes and doesn't process audio, or automation doesn't update the settings, correct?

If so, does Blackhole correctly process everything but the FREEZE upon bounce?