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Blackhole preset NKS question

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Blackhole preset NKS question

May 12, 2019 - 07:54 am

Hi folks.


I'm a totally blind musician, successfully have the Blackhole plugin working inside of Komplete Kontrol for Mac.


I  recently decided to go to a preset maker I found called Reverb. They had a preset zip package listed on the site for ffree called Eventide Blackhole | Reverb Exclusive Presets from Reverb. I was hoping I could use them easily enough, just like I can the NKS compatible presets that come with Blackhole. Unfortunately, when they instructed me in the installation instructions section on their site, Reverb that is, to open them in Blackhole, I had no idea as a totally blindNKS reliant user how to go about doing this. Nor could I ever figure out if I could access non Blackhole made presets successfully using NKS.


I finally thought I'd ask on this forum for any ideas.


It's not like I've got local sighted help I can use at this point, so, why not?


Maybe you all will have some ideas.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!




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May 13, 2019 - 05:31 pm

Hey Keith-

Glad that you have Blackhole going inside of Komplete Kontrol, that's great.

I think the presets from are in our ".tide" format, which are only loadable from Blackhole's internal preset browser. Unfortunately, I don't believe our internal system supports Vision Accessibility on Mac or Navigator on Windows. I suspect that the NKS presets are available through one of these systems, which is how you've been able to utilize them?

I'll see about converting these presets to the NKS format - that way, you could drop them in the Komplete Kontrol  "user category" in order to utilize them.