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Can't type into text box

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Can't type into text box

April 20, 2015 - 11:38 am

I reported this issue to but I am not sure if it came through.

System specs:
Windows 8.1, 64-bit
Cubase 8.0.10, 64-bit

This happens with H3000 factory, UltraChannel and UltraReverb (latest version)

I cannot type into any text box.
It is possible to double click on a text box and it seems at first as if it would be possible to enter a value but it is not possible.

The focus stays on Cubase.
Values can only be edited with the mouse.

Other Plugins (not only Steinberg's) do not show this behaviour.

Best regards

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April 30, 2015 - 04:59 pm

Hi Teacue,

I can confirm this, I'll look into it.


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July 02, 2015 - 01:53 pm

Hi teacue-

We have a fix for this issue, which should be included in future releases.