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Clockworks Legacy

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Clockworks Legacy

June 02, 2003 - 03:15 pm
Posted by Joerg
OK I'm definately impressed with these Plug-Ins!
Took me while to get them going (order iLok-Key / update my MAC to OS 9.2, etc) but it really was worth it!

I have a question though: In the H959 User Manual it mentions towards the end something about the LU618 De-Glitch Board that can be added to the H959.
Is this board simulated in the Plug-In, too?

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Joined: Dec 16 2007
Posts: 153
June 03, 2003 - 02:01 pm
Posted by Dan
Thank You,
We're glad you are impressed. The LU-618 Deglitch board is indeed simulated in the H949 plugin. This deglitch mode is operative in algorithm 2 and should closely mimic the sound of the original.