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Digidesign Validater says update clockworks v1.1

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Digidesign Validater says update clockworks v1.1

July 12, 2004 - 08:56 am
Posted by Johnny
I got an TDM Mix-4 with Protools v. 6.2.3 and everytime at startup it says I need to update some of my plugins. When I run the validater it says: (Quote)
One or more plug-ins have been found that are not qualified with
this version of Pro Tools. These plug-ins may cause crashes and
other unexpected behavior. Please check the website of the plug-in
manufacturer for information about updating the plug-in.

The list of unqualified plug-ins is:

H910 Harmonizer
H949 Harmonizer
Instant Flanger
Instant Phaser

The above plug-ins must be updated. Please check the plug-in manufacturer's
website for more info. Thank you.

I've got already v1.1... Is there a new update already? v1.2 ??
Joined: Dec 16 2007
Posts: 153
July 12, 2004 - 12:23 pm
Posted by Dan
Indeed there is a version 1.12. And it should fix the Digidesign Validator problem. The link for it is: