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January 11, 2012 - 11:05 am

Hi, Can you guy please try to finish off E-control for RTAS since it came so far?  I mean, the graphic of the plug-in was even displayed as ready to go for all of us.  Incredible bait!

But when I called in, I was told there was a MIDI protocol problem with finishing it off. Surely this can be resolved.  I mean, if the audio part is taken care of over Firewire,  then surely the MIDI aspect cannot be any more difficult of an obstacle to surmount than how MIDI controllers can be programmed to control DAW functions.

Without that RTAS Stream, there is just no incentive for me to add that Eve remote controller to the studio for the H8000.  That was going to be my desktop controller of what I saw on the Pro Tools Screen.    Just like I do the exact same thing with my Access Virus synthesizer.