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factory finally does work under pt mix 5.1.3 !

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factory finally does work under pt mix 5.1.3 !

March 16, 2007 - 09:37 pm
Posted by matthias
I solved the problem and here is how I did it:

I went back to the eventide user forum at and there to the eventide plug-in support forum.
there I found a message from the user called Jtran and the title of this message is h3000...look it up on page 2 the last entry right now... he is asking for a download page for the single plugin h3000 and dan gave him a link which you can find in his reply...
there I found a single full functioning promo version not of the license but of the eventide factory plugin itself and it is working perfectly...!!! anthology2 version of eventide factory has a BUG !!!! that is why it is not working with protools 5.1.3 .... I am happy now as factory is a stunning plugin of superb audio quality... ...but too sad noone at eventide knew that factory from anthology2 is giving protools mix system users a hard time... it would have been a time everyone still using a protools mix system... and buying anthology2 ...give them 2 things: first the single license for their ilok as you did and second send them this link I mentioned where there can download the macos system 9 protools version bugfree....

best wishes and kind regards

from berlin matthias