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Feature Suggestions Band Delay / Factory

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Feature Suggestions Band Delay / Factory

July 07, 2007 - 05:00 pm
Posted by surroundsfx
Just a couple of (small) suggestions for Band Delay and Factory:

- add a "glide" control to the function generator's S/H modes to smoothe the changes
- add a "glide" control to Band Delay to make frequency changes via MIDI "portamento-ish"
- add MIDI note## as modulation source, mapping note#000 to the min value and #127 to the max value...this would allow "playing" the pitch-shifters in the factory
- add MIDI note-on status ("if a key is pressed, set value to ON else to OFF") as modulation source, for triggering the function generator or similar
- add a note mode to Band Delay that keeps the relative settings of the 8 voices, but transposes the whole lot via MIDI; note#64 should be the neutral value.
- make it possible to map the snapshots to a midi control that will then sequentially interpolate between them (only makes sense for Band Delay). Routings /switches should change state on arriving at their repestive snapshot.
- add an ADSR (or AR if DSP is an issue) to each voice of the Band Delay

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April 30, 2008 - 10:50 pm

Hi Denis,

We'll add these suggestions to the feature request list and we'll see if we can get to them.

Thanks for your input.