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H3000 Compatibility with Windows 8.1?

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H3000 Compatibility with Windows 8.1?

January 11, 2015 - 04:34 pm


I'm planning on purchasing the H3000 plugin from Sweetwater where they have this notice on their page:

"Software Is Not Returnable

Eventide does not allow returns on software, so please contact us if you need any advice about compatibility or version. "

The Compatibility information on the Eventide page for the H3000 says it is compatible Windows XP and Windows 7, but does not mention Windows 8.1.

I understand the no-return policy, but would hate to purchase this and find it not compatible with my Windows 8.1 system; and therefore unusable. I could replace the alternator on my Honda Civic for $350!

Is anyone out there using this plugin on a Windows 8.1 system (or has Eventide tested it to see if it works)? Windows 8.1 can be a pain in the b*** with some software. My UltraChannel plugin works fine so I would assume this would as well but am not sure.