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Native H3000 factory Delay type

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Native H3000 factory Delay type

October 31, 2012 - 02:59 pm

Hello guys ..  (sorry if my english is bit wrong sometimes) 

so , been messing around with the h3000 for couple of days now ... OSX , Ableton live . 

got a few questions , about the delay module in there ,

i own the h8000 for quite some times now .. and been trying to  recreate one of my favorite programs there - 3419 - Nerve Drums ,specificly the echoes module in there .. its is basicly a delay with LFO assigned to the time of the delay .

thing is the H3000 delay is behaving differently when  the delay time  is being mudulated . 

i'd like to have it pithched rather then streched/faded .. is it possible , am i missing something ?  

another question - about the 600 MS limit ... any way around that ??
at least for the tempo synced values ... id like to have  1/4D  (wich is impossible for any tempo under 150 bpm :)  

any help ?? thanks in advance.