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New native H3000 plug in won't work with I-lok 1

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New native H3000 plug in won't work with I-lok 1

October 24, 2012 - 01:19 pm

hello there,

Message from Mike -Mobilis in Mobili- in Paris, France.

I used to have ( and love fondly) an H3000 D/S/SE in the last 10years of the 20th century...

So, of course when at last I saw that the H3000 plug-in had gone native, I opened a bottle of champagne... For me it was a MUST buy. Xmas present for my Mac.

Finally, in the middle of the afternoon today, while you Americans are not all connected, I could acces the Eventide site, and managed to download the Demo version...only to discover that the 3 I-Loks1  I have from other developpers ( Korg/Motu, etc... ) are not compatible with this software , and that I had to spend something around 45 Euros to  be able to install it... How shocking !!! This is pure blackmail, I'm sorry to say.


I agree software creators have to be protected, but there is a limit ! I lok dongles are not car- insurance that we should pay again and again every year !

I'm deeply shocked and deceived. As far as I am concerned, if nothing is done about this, I'll remain nostalgic of my happy H3000 years, and will consider that business has gone beyond my accepted morals limits.

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October 24, 2012 - 06:10 pm

Hi Mike,

We understand your frustration with iLok2, truth be told, we wish we didn't have to use iLok at all.  It certainly isn't our intent to ask you to change your current iLok or to buy anything new, but we did feel the need to require iLok2 because of the superior protection it offers.  Anticipating the burden on our customers we created the option to purchase a plug-in bundle with an iLok2 for an extra $12 (  This way Eventide is essentially splitting the cost of the iLok2 with you.