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New texturising presets for Blackhole

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New texturising presets for Blackhole

July 03, 2019 - 08:18 am

Hey everyone!


I hope you don't mind me posting this here, but I’ve just released three new products for Eventide’s Blackhole plugin - Atmospheric Drones, Ethereal Keys, and the Blackhole Collection. I thought some of you might be interested!


Atmospheric Drones places a focus on turning slowly morphing soundsources into big, spacious drones, while Ethereal Keys is designed to help make lush and dreamy sequences out of short sounds, such as keys, plucks or percussion. Also available now is the Blackhole Collection - a simple way of purchasing both sets at the same time whilst getting yourself a saving of 25% in the process. 


These patches are unashamedly niche, focusing on doing one thing and doing it well. So if you're looking for a catchall then look away, but if you're after something to take your sounds to a new level, then these presets won't disappoint. 


For a limited time only, these presets are available for the introductory price of £2.99 (usually £3.99) for Atmospheric Drones and Ethereal Keys, and £4.99 (usually £5.99) for the Blackhole Collection. For more info, head to


If you'd like to watch the walkthrough video, you can see this here -