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Product Request: H9 AU/VST3 Plugin with USB hardware controller

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Product Request: H9 AU/VST3 Plugin with USB hardware controller

July 16, 2019 - 01:48 pm

I was just thinking about the experiences I've had with various pieces of gear, plugins and some of the new hybrid stuff.

- My H8000, and how painful it was to use while sitting in front of my DAW without EVE/NET to edit it.
- The H9 pedal, amazing device, with editing that is much easier because of the H9 control app.
- TC Electronic's TC2290-DT, a plugin - with a really cool hardware controller. Great workflow experience!
- All these one-off plugins by eventide - like Blackhole, that are amazing... but mapping the knobs on my FaderPort16 is not ergonomic;
- I am also using Softube Console 1 - which feels like a REAL console;
I want an H9 in my DAW! And I want to turn physical knobs.

Of all of these device vs. controller/editor experiences - There is a common thread. We like the tactile feel of editing with hardware; but if the hardware is in a rack or on the floor, it's very inconvenient.

I have one wish:

An official H9 Max plugin. VST3/AU. The interface already exists - H9 Control. Call it H9v.

A USB-connected desktop box with a small footprint - like a 3/4 size Factor Pedal, that controls the H9 plugin. Add two more knobs for Algorithm and Preset. Just like the TC2290DT. A studio H9. And like the TC2290DT, you can use the box as a license dongle that requires the user to plug it in every 30-days to keep their plugin activated.

Even better if the H9v was part of the same licensing model as the hardware H9. So you can have an H9v and a couple of H9's on the pedal board. Making the transition from Studio to Live rig seamlessly Eventide!


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July 18, 2019 - 10:34 am

Hey jacksonhobbes-

This is a neat idea, and I'm with you that some type of "in-the-box" processor with an external controller would be really cool!

Of course, I can't speak to what our future plans are, but we do pay attention to requests like this and use them to inform the decisions we make for future products.