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2nd switch doesn't work on either H8000fw pedal input.

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2nd switch doesn't work on either H8000fw pedal input.

October 30, 2009 - 12:07 pm


I've been trying to get my foot switches working with the H8000fw.

I have a range of sources (Boss fv-300L, m-audio m-gear ex-p, yamaha latched foot switches, boss latching and unlatching, modified digitech fs3x etc).

With nothing plugged in to either H8000fw pedal input, with both heels set at 0% and both toes set at 100%, I get :-

 - a reading on pedal 1 that fluctuates between 97.4% and 99.6%

 - a reading on pedal 2 that remains at 75.3%

The expression pedals work fine in either input (allowing for calibration in the range of +- 3%). I can get a sweep from both pedals 2% and 98% (uncalibrated), give or take a percent, depending on the pedal.

However, when I connect any footswitch(es) using any y-cord (or a dual footswitch with a stereo jack), I only get a reading from one side of the cord:-

 - a depressed switch on pedal 1 will read as a steady 0% depressed and a slightly fluctuating 98% unpressed

 - a depressed switch on pedal 2 will read as a steady 0% depressed and as a steady 75.5% unpressed

The 2nd pedal appears to add or subtract no value either on its own or in conjunction with the 1st pedal.

I've read and re-read Eventide info on pedals, switches, y-cords, calibration etc. I've checked for faulty cables etc. I have a Roland vg-99 (etc) which perfectly uses a similar y-cord to dual switch setup. So ....

  • (1) Are my inputs faulty or does the second switch normally display no change in readable value in the calibration page?
  • (2) Is there a patch that contains some sort of visible feedback from a potential 6-switch setup? For confirmation purposes ...
  • (3) If my pedal inputs are damaged, should my skilled electronics friend be able to do a small repair on a component (I hope to not have to ship my unit trans-atlantic-ly for a new pot/capacitor) ?
  • (4) And lastly, is it easy to damage these inputs?


Alexis Nealon

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October 30, 2009 - 12:17 pm

It sounds like you are plugging switches into the pedal inputs and using "pedal" as a control source - this would give you the results you described (only the switch connected to the tip would have an effect - that's how pedals work).

If this is the case, the solution is simple - set the control source to "tip" or "ring" as appropriate.

Joined: Feb 8 2008
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October 30, 2009 - 01:00 pm

Thanks Nick,

You were right. I was looking for verification of the tip/ring values in the pedals setup. I thought that the switches might need to be calibrated to work correctly. All seems to be well now,