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3-D Spatial effects and some other questions

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3-D Spatial effects and some other questions

August 16, 2008 - 08:31 am
Hello Italo De Angelis, I ve bought an H3000 sx in Sweden a long time ago and sell it , Now i have Eclipse and i?m wondering if Eclipse have 3-d Spatial Effects like H3000 did have?? or some other psychoacoustic effects? I have upgraded Eclipse to 3.51 and when i?m pressing nr 3 while start i?m get this boot: P101703 v1.24 bootfour.exe 06-17-2008 16:27 203406 osc153290 systemexe 07.07.2008 13:13 B23281 FPGA 1.10 BOOT 1.01 SYSTEM 3.51 MODULES 3.500 ALGS 3.500 PRESETS 3.200 HARDWARE VERS A BOOT 23 1.01 Is this Ok RESULTS ? I?m using Sansamp Classic as a preamp is Sansamp PSA1 much better ? Thx E.T bUbIN
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August 17, 2008 - 02:44 am


Eclipse doesn't have the 3D presets from the 3000. 

Your bootloader version is perfectly fine.



P.S. Preamps are subjective the way you like sounds...