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5.6B OS reverb room size problem

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5.6B OS reverb room size problem

April 07, 2012 - 04:26 pm

I recently upgraded to OS 5.6B on my H8000FW and noticed the following:

On any reverb type patch with a "rsize" parameter (eg preset 3412 Drum Chamber), when I changed the rsize value, instead of the room size just changing as per normal, the effect would actually sound like a slow delay, which would feedback quite a lot if you let it run (like it was set to 100% feedback). Even if I changed the rsize by 1, and then back to its original value, the delay effect would be there.

This happened with more than one preset, but the only ones I remember by name are the above and also 4310 Barking Chamber (also the rsize parameter doing the same thing).

I downgraded back to OS 5.5 and all the presets I've tried so far are fine. Has anybody else noticed this?