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Analogue A B routing

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Analogue A B routing

February 13, 2014 - 10:56 am



Im am trying to route a simple Analog A-B routing but no joy.

My set up is as follows 

Synth to Analogue in 1@2.

Analogue 1@2 out to amp, nothing else is connected

Routing program 10 Analoge A-B is selected. 

Delay program then loaded.

I am not getting any audio or input/output  levels at all on the level meters.

If i bypass then audio is passed. 

Sorry if i have missed something easy here but I've followed the quick start section and have not been able to make a sound yet (I am no technician).

I init the h8000 before i did any of the routing ect.

Software is 5.6

Appreciate any help.