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Brand New Eclipse - Wobbly Rotary Encoder.

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Brand New Eclipse - Wobbly Rotary Encoder.

June 02, 2019 - 07:59 am

Hi there.

I just unpacked my brand new Eclipse and noticed that the rotary encoder has approx. 1mm play up and down and sideways.

After connecting it up to my mixer it does appear to function correctly. However, it doesn't exactly make me very happy and doesn't instill a lot of confidence either.

I did a bit of research and others have also reported this issue, but found that it functions normally.

Maybe I could try adjustind the allen bolts?, but this is a brand new unit, and I don't want to void the warranty.

If I purchased this from a shop-front here in Australia, I would definately take it straight back and demand a replacement unit.

Advice appreciated.

Cheers, Steve.