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Eclipse: Normal behavior?

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Eclipse: Normal behavior?

January 16, 2021 - 08:48 pm

Hi, I just got a new eclipse (V4.10), and two things confuse me, and I wonder it this is normal behavior:


1) When I first loaded the preset 901: TF 1 :2 Multitap, I got a very loud squeeking noise, like you would expect from a short delay

line with too much feedback. Changing presets and going back did not help. I then played with some other presents, and when I 

later loaded the preset, it was fine. Is this normal behavior? (could be some sounds stuck in a delay line from a previous preset, and the 

eclipse tripping when loading the new one???) Is there a trick to 'empty' the buffers?


2) the parameter 'delay' of the pitchshifter of the manifold-alpha does not have any effect - the delay seems to be zero always. In contrast

the same parameters for the manifold_beta works as expected. Is this a known bug? Of course, I could be doing something wrong, so if there is

a preset where this parameter is nonzero and its effect can be heard, that would be great to know!