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GTR 4000 User Defined Scale Program no volume

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GTR 4000 User Defined Scale Program no volume

August 10, 2016 - 09:55 am


When I use the GTR 4000 User Defined Scale Program the level light registers a signal, but i am not getting any volume. It is on bank no.1 program 12.

Somehow the signal seems to be muted. I am sure this is easily fixable. I tried everything i could think of several times, but I'm just not seeing the answer.


As a further addition to this question: The lack of volume with a signal present on the level meter is common to several programs that I have attempted to try out. I don't know what is causing this and I can find no mention of it in the user manual.

Thanks for your help,




As another question, I am wondering if this problem has something to do with having only a mono output or using a quarter inch plug vs. An XLR. The output reading is only on the right channel and i am plugged into the left. Hope this is the right track. It would be soooo disappointing of these programs were unavailable to use. Also, this is happening after I reset to factory settings. I would like to buy a DSP7500 but have no fund a to do so. Mainly because it has midi mapping and the GTR does not.


Thanks for your help!

It appears that i was right. You have to be plugged into/out of channel 1 on the back. I have been using left and right for such a long time and left is usually mono in/out. I knew it was something simple.