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H3000 algorithms in an Orville

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H3000 algorithms in an Orville
August 31, 2010 - 02:43 pm


I just aquired an Orville, and though im happy for it, i miss something from my old H3000 d/se which i sold to finance this. I would like the string modeler and dense room, but i after en extensive search on the web i couldnt really find any info about it. So do anybody know about how i can get those. Yes i know i could probably make them myself, but i dont have the knowledge and now the H3000 is gone i cant analyze what was in those algorithms.

Another problem i have is I seem to have some zipper noise when i control a parameter with an external midi controller. Is that common? Is there a workaround? Its mostly when i do the changes FAST, and sometimes it sounds really cool, though i would like it to be silent as an option ;)