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h3000 midi ccs

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h3000 midi ccs

August 01, 2017 - 11:04 am

Hello all, I'm trying to control my h3000 from a cirklon and have a question about the CC implementation.

in the manual ( ual) under the algorithm section, next to the algorithm parameters there are numbers that are called "parameter numbers" and they are apparently used "for midi sequencing".
So, I'm taking these for CC numbers... but the corresponding parameters don't seem to be effected by the CCs my cirklon is sending. I know the cirklon is sending the h3000 information and that the h3000 is receiving because if I send regular notes then certain algorithms, such as any pitched algorithms, will respond to those notes by having the pitch altered (both left and right channels).
What's confusing though is that the manual in this section is saying that for algorithm 101 (for example), called "Layered Shift", which is on page 48, the "Left Pitch" can be "sequenced" by parameter "#4" and the right pitch by parameter "#6", so i'm not sure why regular notes are effecting those pitch parameters at all. It leads me to think the "parameter numbers" are not CC numbers and might correspond to some other thing that I am unsure of (and that I can't seem to find in the manual).

Now, I know I can set certain parameters on the h3000 to correspond to specific "GP Controllers" and I can control those with cirklon midi CC fine (and I have done that). But, if I don't have to map every algorithm when I want to sequence the h3000's parameters, and just be able to reference the manual then that would be faster, so I'm hoping I can do this.

Does anyone know if these "parameter numbers" in the manual are CC numbers or something else?

Sorry that was long and likely confusing. Hopefully someone with a h3000 will know what i'm talking about.

appreciate any help

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Alas, we can offer no support

August 05, 2017 - 08:42 am

Alas, we can offer no support for H3000 issues. This is a 30 year old product, and no-one here knows anything about it. The last person who did retired this year and moved to Florida.

Hopefully some of our (older) users can help you.


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I was asking myself the exact

May 14, 2018 - 12:45 pm

I was asking myself the exact same thing. Maybe this instruction helps?

I haven't had time to try it on my H3000.


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In the manual on page 20,

June 21, 2018 - 07:15 pm

In the manual on page 20, "Sequencing with Midi", it says that you can turn on Midi event sending (no mention of what kind of events though) to record into a sequencer. You might try to turn this on, change the parameters on th eH3000 and see on a MIDI monitor or the Cirklon what it puts out.