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H7600/H8000 pitch/time fix & shifters

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H7600/H8000 pitch/time fix & shifters

August 08, 2011 - 08:52 am

After reading a lot on the Internet about The H8000(fw) in relation with pitch/time fix, aligning en harmonizing (pitch shifters) I found myself sad to read, that there are not much eventide harmonizer users who truly work on vocals on a daily based something with this range of Eventide units.

No success stories about mix egineers/producers who have good expierence
with this unit used specially for specific asked vocal techniques, so far.

But I believe that they are there somewhere. Any people out here on the forum who have does expierence of pitch/time/aliging,harmonizing correction on vocalsprojects & also compaired it to the software alternatives like autotune/melodyne? 

People with serious mixing gear facilities & expierence who have any commentz on the lower standing questions & would like to share there thoughts? Thank U very much.
Only interested in commentz from real expierence please.

H8000(FW),H7600 (& Orville; altough its a bit older model):
All & only for vocals, and only the preset/algothimes options (no Vsig).

1. How are the pitch & time correction presets/algohrimes of this unit compaired to the nowdays: Melodyne,variaudio,autotune & wavetune tools?
Better results? Or likewise results or? Most interest in the artifacts story.

Corrections with a max of 200 cents for pitch en 20-30 bpm differents to the orignal file max. for timing/time fix.

2. How are the pitch shift (creating new harmonies: 3th,5th choirs etc) compaired to the mentiod alternatives? Again the artifacts stories.

3. How are the doubler aligning options in this unit, compaired to (for instance) Vocalign of likewise software tools?