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H8000 Update + Presets

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H8000 Update + Presets

December 26, 2013 - 01:54 am

Hello everybody

Merry Christmas!

i recently  purchased this legendary machine and i am truly excited already by it's sound..! However, as this has never been updated (from the previous owner) i was wondering if i should do so. I read in some Manuals in this website about updating, which state that its kinda risky and not absolutely necessary. Currently i am running the operating system version 4. Are there are direct benefits from updating?

Also, i am very very much interested in any new presets/banks that might be available for the H8000. I read that some have been added to the new update (v.5.5). Is that true? How could i add these to the existing list of presets of my H8000? Do i need to update/upgrade to do that?

Any info would be most appreciated!!

Many thanks!!