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H8000FW Address Error - Help Needed

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Glenn Corbett
Joined: May 14 2021
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H8000FW Address Error - Help Needed

Glenn Corbett
May 16, 2021 - 08:34 am

Hi all,


One of our H8000FW is displaying an address error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

"An address error has occurred. (E12)"

Program: 0640E2

Data: 00785

Please write these down and reboot.


Thank you.


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Eventide Staff
Joined: Jan 17 2008
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May 16, 2021 - 08:38 am

I'm afraid that this is a "catch-all" error that can have many causes. It is most likely to be some kind of hardware problem.

If it happens often, at different times, showing different numbers you should contact

If it happens only when doing one particular thing and showing the same numbers, you should give us more information.

If it happens at startup, you should remove any cards from the slot and re-initialize (see UM).