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H8000FW as sound card in firewire

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H8000FW as sound card in firewire

May 12, 2010 - 09:22 am

Hi everyone,

I sell my m-audio projectmix, and

I want to use my H8000fw as a sound card with my DAW (logic 9) via firewire.

My chain is : Chandler preamp -----> xlr  -- > H8000Fw ----->  firewire  -----> Daw (logic) ---> Mac Snow Leopard

Also : H8000fw ---> out ---> 2 monitoring

1. My first question is : How can i control the master volume (like the potard of my old m-audio sound card) while there is not potard or button to control the volume in the H8000fw ? I have 2 monitoring and I don't want any problem.

2. My 2nd :  By default, is the H8000 can, with my configuration, get the signal in the preamp, then record it in the Daw and in same time with an auxiliary get the signal process it (with a reverb for example) then the signal return in the daw to hear it (a classic configration very easy to do whith my old card when plug the H8000fw in the adat of my sound card) ?

If no, is there a routing patch i can select do this (let the firewire IN and OUT works in same time)

thanks a lot for yours answers