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H900 / H90 .. a fantasy

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H900 / H90 .. a fantasy

July 27, 2020 - 05:11 am

Hi guys,

i have had the pleasure to get into the H9000 this month.

I am an avid H9 user and i build Buchla rack mods of them and also controller units.

Maybe you have seen Richard Divine's picture of the H9000 and the thing with 10 dedicated knobs and CV inputs, that's mine.


So, the reason i am writing here is that i got a lot of feedback from friends, musicians, audio nerds like me etc.

They all were flabbergasted by the H9000 at first, a bit put off by it's price , but after they patiently watched me set up some effects and animate them with the rEM they all loved it.

Especially people got a kick out of the way algos could be serialised, run parallel or in combinations of both.....amazing.

And the borders with extra Seaguls if just angelic.

But the bottom line was, most of them did not need 4 times the same, or Madi , or Dante or word clock or 4 pedal inputs etc etc

Neither do I.

But i loove to use VSig....load algos, bend them, modify them, learn the structures and build my own humble effects.

So i would like to make a plea...maybe you are working on it already, but if not please consider a single ARM version with just standard analog audio and maybe ADAT.

It could be called the H900....and it comes with all four slots avalable..

And there shoudl be a H90 as well...the successor of the H9....It could come with just one algo at the time, and a second or third per paid upgrade...same as the Core/Standard/Max level right now...

I am certain the user base would EXPLODE and new effects made by users would even justify a whole new social interaction plattform.


Thank you for bringing Evenitde to the future...let more of us be part :)




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