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H9000 1.3 is in Production

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H9000 1.3 is in Production

floresp640 (Eventide Staff)
November 03, 2020 - 03:14 pm

Hi Everyone, 


We  are pleased to announce that the 1.3 software for the H9000 and Emote is now in production. You can update your H9000 by going into 'SETUP' and navigating to 'SOFTWARE UPDATE'. From there, you will be able to see and update to new 1.3.0[10] build. If you are using an H9000R or would like to update through Emote, simply launch Emote and connect to your H9000. Once connected, click on 'UPDATES' on the 'DEVICES' page and you will be able to see and update to new 1.3.0[10] build. 

  • Note: You will have to be connected to the network in order to update your H9000. If you do not have a network connection, please follow the steps for an 'offline update' below:
  • Detailed Installation instructions:
  • Note: For H9000R users, make sure to update your H9000R before you update Emote. 

After your H9000 has been successfully updated, please update your Emote to the latest production build here:

  • Note: Your Emote has to have the same version number as the H9000 or else it will not be able to connect.


New features in 1.3: 


New Algorithms for the H9000:

1.) TriceraChorus- TriceraChorus is inspired by classic bucket brigade delay tri-choruses and choruses used both live and in the studio. TriceraChorus has three chorus voices: Left (L), Center (C), and Right (R). Each voice uses a dedicated LFO to modulate a delay at the frequency set by the RATE knob. The modulated signals for the Left and Right voices are -120 and 120 degrees out of phase relative to the Center modulation signal. The combination of the three modulated delays creates lush chorus sounds.

2.) Harmadillo - Harmadillo is a flexible harmonic tremolo, offering everything from soulful lush tremolos to psychedelic mind-bending weirdness.


New Features for the H9000 1.3

1.) Bypass Tails - You can specify a bypass mode on each individual algorithm and FX chain that determines whether the effect tails are audible after bypass is engaged.

2.) MIDI Controller Feedback- MIDI Controller feedback sends control change messages to the MIDI outputs so that controllers with LEDs or motorized faders can be kept in sync with the mapped parameters on the H9000.  This is configured in SETUP mode, on the MIDI page.  There are 3 switches that enable/disable MIDI feedback for DIN, USB Controllers (any controllers plugged into the front or rear panel USB A ports) and DAW (a computer plugged into the rear panel USB B port).  When the H9000 receives a MIDI Reset message (status byte 0xFF), all mapped controller values will be sent to the appropriate MIDI outputs.  These values are also sent when loading presets, scenes, and on system startup.

3.) Per-Page Randomization of Parameters - We have tamed the randomization feature to make it more useful.  It will now only affect the parameters on the currently displayed page, and will not affect the General parameters (in/out gains, mute, bypass etc).

4.). Pro Tools HD Expansion card support - This release includes support for the forthcoming ProTools HD Expansion card.


H9000 Bug Fixes 1.3

1.) Occasional click in some digital audio modes- We have found and fixed a low level issue that was causing occasional clicks in the audio output from the DSPs.

2.) The front panel UI can become slow to respond - We have fixed a couple of cases where the front panel UI can slow down when processing a large number of events.

3.) c_graph module offset control wasn't working - We fixed a problem with the c_graph module.

4.) front panel brightness control optimized - We improved the resolution and the taper of the screen brightness controls especially at darker settings

5.) MIDINOTE Module - Fixed a problem with MIDINOTE module
6.) NETWORK - Fixed a networking issue
7.)  DYNAVERB Parameter bug - Fixed an issue with one of the Dynaverb parameters
8.) Audio Sync - Fix a rare audio sync problem
9.) Nominal Gain - Make presets for distortion algs remember the Nominal Gain value

10.) Factory Presets - Update all factory session presets, fixing fx chain names, routing problems, and session names
11.) TriceraChorus - Restrict tricerachorus at high sample rates


Emote 1.3 Improvements:

1.) Look and Feel - improve the look and feel of Emote, removing much visual clutter
2.) User Interface - UI performance improvements across the board
3.) Layout - Improve the layout and navigation of the sessions page
5.) FXChain Page - Added a visual representation of fxchain containers, and the ability to rename those containers and their fxchains independently

6.) GUI Resizable - Changed resizing behavior to behave more naturally, and added independent zoom control
7.) Plugin GUI - Make plugin versions resizable
8.) Bug Fixes - Many various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

9.) Right Click to Expose Info - We realize that hovering over some algorithms would open up a giant window (for the algorithm description) which got in the way. In this build, you can right click on an algorithm in the browser while on the ‘Algorithms’ page and open up a separate window for the algorithm information that is much less intrusive.


We hope you enjoy this new 1.3 update and please let us know what you would like to see in the next in thee H9000 and Emote. 


Please contact me directly at if you are running into any issues with getting this software up and running.