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H9000 2.0 Public Beta

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H9000 2.0 Public Beta

tbskoglund (Eventide Staff)
April 26, 2021 - 01:36 pm

To all H9000 owners, 


We are happy to announce that the H9000 2.0 beta firmware is now officially available to the public. The 2.0 firmware update introduces a massively improved UI for Emote, Scenes for Emote and H9000R users, a new and improved user manual, and a complete overhaul of the firmware update method to simplify future updates.




Please follow the linked instructions for updating your H9000 firmware to 2.0:


New Emote UI:


The most significant change you’ll notice in Emote 2.0 is the new and improved view pages. The Combined View page allows you to see your FX Chains, Algorithms, and Parameters all at once, eliminating the need to tab back and forth between the different view pages. Now you can load a session, create an fx chain, adjust an algorithm’s parameters, edit I/O routings, view presets, map MIDI controllers, and more all from the same page! You can still view individual pages for FX Chain, Algorithms, and Parameters, as well as new view pages for Devices, Setup, Direct I/O, and Scenes. 


We encourage you to watch our Emote 2.0 overview video here:


New Firmware Update Method:


To simplify the H9000 firmware update process, all updating will be done using Emote for firmware versions 2.0 and up. This improvement will allow you to update your H9000 without needing an internet connection to the unit itself; as long as Emote is connected to the internet, you will be able to update your H9000. This makes the update process identical for front panel and H9000R users, as well as allowing you to update using a direct ethernet connection from your computer to the H9000.


Please refer to the user manual for more details about updating your H9000 for firmware version 2.0 and up. 


More features:


  • Updated and improved user manual which can be viewed directly from Emote (Menu Bar > Help > User Guide)
  • New Emote navigation key commands (standalone only) 
  • VST3 Support for Emote
  • Numerous bug fixes 


Please note that Emote 2.0 is officially supported for macOS 10.11+ and Windows 10.


You should see this release in your software updates window on the front panel’s “Setup” page, or in the devices page in Emote. If for any reason you are unable to see the 2.0 firmware in your available updates, or you’d like to perform and offline update, you can use the USB installer below:


USB installer:


After updating your H9000’s firmware, you will also need to install the correct version of Emote available here:


Emote 2.0.3[8] macOS:

Emote 2.0.3[8] windows:


Since this firmware version is still in Beta, all participants might run into a few bugs which can be reported to us in a new post on the rackmount forum. If you are running into any issues with getting this firmware up and running, please let us know in a new post on the rackmount forum or contact 


Thank you so much for being a part of the H9000 family and happy beta! 



Tyler Skoglund

Eventide Audio