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H9000 - Emote Plugin - Session or FX Chain Recall feature

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H9000 - Emote Plugin - Session or FX Chain Recall feature

May 06, 2020 - 08:31 am


Forgive me if this is already possible but i couldnt find it so:

It would be excellent if, upon opening up a file in my DAW where i have an instance of the eMote plugin, that i could somehow have the eMote plugin automatically load in a specific SESSION or FXCHAIN or combination or whatever from the H9000

I am often working with different projects that each use different patches / FX chains / sessions on the H9000 and now i am saving those FX chains as files on my Mac's local file system and then loading them manually.. which works fine.. but it could be made seamless by autoloading of a FXchain /session via the plugin