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H9000 + Emote wishlist (undo+redo, copy+paste etc.)

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H9000 + Emote wishlist (undo+redo, copy+paste etc.)

September 15, 2020 - 12:15 pm


I’ve been using my H9000 for some time now and while I’m quite happy with what it can already do, I still hope to see some improvements and I’m really looking forward to all the promised updates. 


First of all, I would like to see a couple of new but fundamental features added to Emote:


1 - Copy / paste (replace) algorithm while preserving routings. (cmd+c / cmd+v, or drag and drop with mouse while holding the alt-button on Mac OS) 

This is something I’m used to when using plugins within my DAW. The ability to copy and replace a plugin with its settings to another track or plugin slot. For now we only have the option to ”swap” algorithms when dragging to a slot with an existing algorithm. 

Also, dragging is not possible when switching between FX chains, so a copy / paste function would be really useful for overall convenience. (For now we can only save a preset and then load it to another slot which is too slow IMO.)

2 - Undo / redo function (cmd+z / cmd+shift+z). 

Combined with the above copy/paste functionality we would also have a convenient way to A/B compare algorithms and settings and be able to easily revert to previous settings when needed.


About the already promised updates:


You’ve told us you’ll be adding the ability to connect between DSPs in the next release.

What exactly does this mean? Direct patch connection only, or will it be possible to also have ”aux send”-type, level adjustable connections between algorithms running on different  DSPs?

I really hope for the latter, as it would be so cool to be able to have midi mappable send levels inside the H9000 without having to use an external mixer when running multiple instruments through the H9000 simultaneously. (Of course this would require the possibility to route multiple algorithm ”sends” to the same algorithm input /return)

I also hope we’ll be able to combine multiple inputs and outputs more freely soon.


Thanks for all your work! I hope you’ll be able to release some updates soon. We’re all here patiently waiting. ;)