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Help with H8000FW for Voice Over

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Help with H8000FW for Voice Over

September 09, 2012 - 11:10 pm


I have owned my H8000FW for two years and love it for what I know of it but I am having somewhat of a problem getting good voiceover effects that are professional. Is there anywhere I can read on how to figure this out or is there any communities of people that converse about the use of H8000FW and give some tips on how to get some cool stuff going?

I understand if people say "You have a h8000 and can't find a good voice? it's probably your sorry voice not the h8000" 

It's not that, it's that I want some good preset for example: car guy or low voice guy etc...

or is the answer... just spend the time and figure it out?

Thanks for any advice. I just want to build a bigger voice sound like larger than life kinda.