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Jon hassel ish presets

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ix studio
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Jon hassel ish presets

ix studio
March 22, 2011 - 06:48 am

Hi , so i checked out some jon hassel stuff and wow , what an amazing sound.

Does anyone know what kind of processes are going on in his early work ?  i havent got round to listening to his later work yet . . .

With this in mind does anyone have any preset / factory favourites for turning chromatic solos into far eastern 4th world ones .I should be honest and say mostly ive used the H8000 to shift tones in 5ths and 7ths etc etc . .. and via fixed pitch shifting , not using intelligent ? diatonic ? this is where ii fall down , i am a total beginner where shifting microtonally goes on the H8000

What preset should i start with to get a  bit Hassel like ( accepting of course he plays trumpet and i dont and also its his sound and technique that makes alot of the magic.....)