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last news for the "clacs"on my Eventide H8000fw

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E.M Pulinx
Joined: Dec 3 2009
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last news for the "clacs"on my Eventide H8000fw

E.M Pulinx
August 24, 2012 - 07:03 am

Hi Nick!

Here are the results of 55 hours of the H8000fw  functionning alone in the loop of the Rivera TBR-1:

6 "clics-clics" at random, thus a mean of one  double click / 9H ; it is little !

They do not pass in the big verbs, cause I made the modification you asked (verbs in the machine B).

As results,the noise is rather unobstrusive ; I can live with ..Smile

Yesterday , I had the last double click just after I puted en route the equipment for a concert :you could hear it in the HP ,but it was admissible..