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Limiting range of pedal

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Limiting range of pedal

March 13, 2014 - 10:08 pm

I want to use an expression pedal to control the volume of my H7600. I got that to work fine by assigning Pedal 2 to the Analog Out level. It works, however, the range is -100dB to 0-dB which means that the pedal is only useful at the bottom 30% of its range as -100dB to -30dB is all basically silent. When I calibrate the pedal, the menu gives the ability to manually set the low and high values, but if I set the low at say 60%, it still goes to 0% when I fully depress the pedal.

So the question is how to limit the range of the pedal so that fully depressed the analog output volume is -30dB and fully pressed is 0dB.