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October Spooktacular- H910 & H949 Harmonizer Plugins for $99!

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October Spooktacular- H910 & H949 Harmonizer Plugins for $99!

achaput (Eventide Staff)
October 11, 2010 - 04:05 pm

The H910 Harmonizer® was the worlds first pitch changer that forever changed the audio industry in 1975. With the H910 the word 'glitch' entered the pro audio lexicon. The H910 blazed a sonic trail and was used by Frank Zappa and Jimmy Page in their live guitar rigs, and was used extensively on such seminal works as David Bowie’s Young American. This recreation includes push button delays and pitch shifting a la 1975, replete with old school charm.

The H949 Harmonizer took things a bit further with the addition of a randomizer, flanger, and added a repeat feature which freezes the audio in the buffer. The H949 also advanced the state-of-the-pitch-changing-art by featuring an advanced de-glitching algorithm.  The H949 is capable of serene subtlety as well as wild, goes-to-eleven style chaos!

After October 31, 2010, these two plug-ins will only be available with the Anthology II bundle.

Click here for more info on the October Spooktacular!