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Orville Patches / Presets for Vocals

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Orville Patches / Presets for Vocals

October 23, 2017 - 03:40 pm

Hello, I am trying to track down some great vocal presets for the Orville. Looking online I'm seeing reference to a number of Eventide presets that were used on various processors in the 80's (one sound I'm looking to achieve). Some of these appear to have been on the H3000. I'm wondering if any of these can be found online, and transferred to the Orville using MIDI? I do have MIDI setup properly on my Orville to transmit patches using VSig. 

Here's some of the patches I've seen referenced that appear to be best for vocals:

#519 Micro Pitch Shift
#533 Vocal Doubler
#515 Magic Air

Is it possible to get those on an Orville? If so how might I do this?

Lastly, does anyone have any tips on presets to use on a lead (male) vocal? I'm looking for any tips and recommendations for great sounding vocals, appreciate any input.