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a question 2

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a question 2

September 25, 2010 - 04:25 pm

Hi nickrose,I don't know why,but I'm not able to reply on my last "a question" post,

anyway, I want to answer to your questions about my problem:

the routing is A-B(the first one on the routing menu)with the wet/dry Level at 50% on DSP A and DSP B

an example Preset:

6518 (Pcm 70 Sax Hall) = an higher volume signal on the Amp 1 and only the Wet signal on the AMP2

also,with the preset #218 (Gorgeous Delay) I listen to the sound only at the Combo Amp 1,No sound comes out from the Combo Amp 2.The same happens when I use a THRU preset.

I tried also to remove the volume pedal,no difference,unfortunately

let me know,what can i do,

thanks a lot