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Question About Saving Sessions with H9000 and Emote

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Ed Driscoll
Joined: Oct 22 2016
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Question About Saving Sessions with H9000 and Emote

April 29, 2019 - 08:32 am

Hi there,

The Emote app certainly makes using the H9000 much more straightforward and interactive than the H9000's hardware GUI alone. But I have a question about saving sessions: When I save a session using Emote, do I also have to save it manually on the H9000? Or does saving it in Emote alone do the trick?



Eventide Staff
Joined: Sep 2 2015
Posts: 63
April 29, 2019 - 01:27 pm

Hi Ed-

There are 2 ways to save any item (session/fxchain/preset) in Emote.  The normal "Save" commands will save the data to your local computer filesystem but will not save it to the H9000 itself.  There are also "Save to H9000" commands under each category which mimic the operation of saving on the front panel hardware, saving the content to the box itself.  So, if you want to save it in both places, you will need to perform both operations, but no need to reach for the front panel.  Hope this helps!