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Routing utility on mac is it actually working?

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Routing utility on mac is it actually working?

November 27, 2014 - 08:59 am

I'm trying to use the routing utility on 10.6.8 to connect to my h8000fw over midi, but it seems to be unusable.

if I try to save a preset for for example. I hit empty route something put a name in the user preset and pres save. 

Now if I try and reload the preset I saved I'll just get something total different from what I just saved?

Sometimes I can see the connections I make on the eventides display update in real time but most of the time it just doesn't update or do anything even if I press the refresh button.

another thing I wondered about are you not able to delete the presets you make under user presets?

Also the delete button  is missing on my keyboard. Would have been nice if it would have been the delete above return chosen since it's on all keyboards.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something or is this just not working at all? 

Im guessing it's me since I couldn't find any related posts and it's a quite expensive piece of gear and a quite simple little program.

has anyone else any luck with using it.