So as digital devices grow in my home studio, the digital signal flow gets more complex. So far I have:
My Apollo X8
Eventide H9000
Fractal AxeFXIII
My Midi controller (NIKKontrol) and 
My Computer. 

As it stands now, everything is synced to my interface (Eventide syncs ADAT external and Fractal Syncs SPDIF External) and my interface is set to internal. Its honestly rock solid. Are there any benefits whatsoever to getting a master clock, and if not, at what point would I benefit from one? 

One more question if I may: no company says “hey, our converters are junk so if you can sync to something else, do THAT”. Everyone has “industry leading” converters, jitter less than an ants fart and so on and so forth. Would I get any benefit syncing everything maybe to my Eventide H9000? It’s definitely not a cheap piece of gear.