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2 Amps & 2 H9s Question

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2 Amps & 2 H9s Question

January 30, 2016 - 05:20 pm

Ok, My brain got spinning the other day trying to figure out a way to play out live with 2 single channel amp heads with fx loops.  Currently I use 1 amp at a time and run the 2 H9 units in mono series through the effects loop.  I got to wondering though If the left and right input/output could be used with 2 different fx loops.  I.E. Can I select my guitar between the inputs of two amps, but have both sharing the h9s in the loops?  I was thinking it would let me set the 2 amps for different sounds, A B between them but have fx sounds on both paths, maybe even play through both 'preamps' at the same time (they are in phase) but run them through the H9s.  If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate the assistance before I just try it, I haven't seen any similar setups.  I guess you could call it Dual Mono inputs, and either mono or stereo outputs depending on the effects used.  

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KCStratman (My Eventide Gear)
January 31, 2016 - 06:24 pm

Yes, you can use most H9 algorithms effectively as dual mono processors. Some like ping pong delay will not work as they routinely crisscross channels. Some algos like DualVerb are particularly well suited to dual mono use, essentially two separate mono reverbs that can be used simultaneously for guitar, vocals, keys, bass, drums, etc.